Saturday, October 26, 2013

Walmart's Spooky Greeters. 3 minutes.

Walmart's Spooky Greeters 2. They got fired from Walmart for giving out bad candy (Walmart candy) and now work at a haunted house blocking the exit. The let out a big boo at the evil Koch brothers, Charles and David. David lives at 740 Park Avenue, if you happen to spot him, scream hello asshole for me!! 

Mr. Skull Bobblehead sings: Hitler has only got one ball

A Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Writing Production. #Funny
Sacramento, California

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 California Artist/Writer, Farrell Hamann

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"Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum

Collection is available as a tourist attraction

Rennes Le Chateau on Tara Hill
 雷恩LE CHATEAU塔拉山。藝術家:法雷爾哈曼#,#加州薩克拉門托

 Ренн-ле-Шато на холм Тара. Исполнитель: Фаррелл Hamann # Сакраменто, Калифорния # Any sap can do it!! Real color photos!

Save Momma Earth, recycle, join Robert Redford in opposing the proposed Pebble Copper/Gold mine in Alaska. 

No Fans? Don't worry, make your own fans, I did!

The Food Banks are NOT doing well, do not believe the hype. Short Video: The Farrell Hamann Show 

The Farrell Hamann Show: Don't freeze your butt off every winter! 

Stories to read to hubby at bedtime. None very long.